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Recorded between July and November of 2016 in both of my bedrooms. I hope it can bring you joy and can relieve you of some stress like it did for me.

I Care™ about you


If you would like to give me some sweet sweet cash, you can donate $5 by clicking "Buy Track" on track 1 ('Hi'). I don't need the money but if you feel so inclined to give me your funds I would greatly and dearly appreciate them. I will shower in your coins for years to come.


released November 21, 2016

All sounds by Joseph Flores
Mixed and Produced by Tony Splendid™


all rights reserved



TEMPOREX San Diego, California

I love you





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Track Name: Nice Boys
Ain't it just so easy to say
You don't feel the same way
As that Nice Boy does, bae

He misses you, he wants you
But, you just don't feel the same
Why don't you tell him today?

She doesn't want him because he cares too much
But now he's gone and she's alone again
Maybe if she tried a little harder to find
The gem within his heart that was there this whole time

Nice Boy:
Baby, what did I do?
Baby come through
To me
Baby, I think it's you
Never was me
Track Name: Care
When I mess up I can't help but smile
Why don't you stay for a while?
I got a few things to say
But you don't care anyway
(You just don't care)
I must be talking to a wall
(A Wall)
Cause girl, your face
(Your face)
says it all.

You just don't care
I wish you cared
(I wish you cared)
Why don't you care
with me

Track Name: Daydream
I'll try to be someone
other than me
so one day you can see
what I do see in me
but for now I'll just sit and look at you
but once you look at me
oh I will look away
cause when I see your face
my heart begins to race
girl give me a break
I don't know how much more my heart can take
Baby come on now

I know this is a daydream
but it just felt so real
maybe when I when up
you can tell me how you feel
I'll just sit here in my room
and think all about you
or maybe one day i'll decide to finally talk to you
Track Name: Alone Time
Maybe if i wasn't so tired
I could get something done for once
But for now I'll just sit in my bed
And I'll watch everybody have fun

I know you think I'm complaining
But I favor my time alone
I dance around, laugh and jack off
And nobody can tell me no

I give myself some time to think it all out
I try to figure out what it's all about
And maybe some day I will make it outside
But for now, I'll stay inside.

Alone time
Track Name: Lost in a Flower Field
I do this all for you
I guess I have it rough
I'd drop it all for you
But I just can't get enough

I'm so tired of chasing you around
Sometimes I feel like a dog on it's way to the pound

('scuse me)

It feels like it doesn't matter anymore
I'm lost in a flower field again by myself
Track Name: The Right Place
I wanna dance all day
Your hair sways in braids
Them rosy cheeks on your face
Tell me I'm in the right place
Track Name: I Should Change
I see the man
I could have been
Am I looking the right way?
Or am I too nice to you?
Should I be pushing you around just like the others do?
Track Name: Vacant Eyes
funny how you claim ___
when __ is all u eatin
charmin how u aint cheatin
but thats just why u leavin
hold it down in my head
it's not what they just said
u gotta let it go
don't let her know
it's going to your head
im reaching for you tonight
but I just cant tell anymore if you are reaching back
Track Name: Lets Keep It Virtual
i comment on ur pics begging for attention
i dream of the day when u hit my mentions
all i want are sum pics of u
and maybe a few with no shoes ;-)
i sent a message but you didn't reply?
thats probably because ur fucking some guy >:(
I'd love 2 meet u but I'm busy that day
I think its best if we keep it that way
lets keep it virtual :^)
Track Name: Around You
I don't how to act
When I'm with you
I forget how to breath
When I see you
I don't know what to put here
But just know that I like you

I just don't know how to talk to you
(Talk to you)
Diamond eyes when the shines thru
The birds are singing when I'm with you
(With you)
You can come come to my place and sit in my room if you want to
(Only if you want to)

It's This Girl

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